Where to sell gold jewellery in Melbourne?

Many gold buyers around Melbourne have great deals to offer you for the scrap gold and old jewellery pieces that you don’t want anymore. But firstly, let’s understand better gold and alloy terms and to get you prepared for the big day of selling your jewellery for cash.

What is Gold?

Gold’s attractiveness stems mostly from its color, shine, rarity, and corrosion resistance. Because gold is so malleable, it can be fashioned into a variety of shapes as well as jewelry styles. It has a long lifespan and holds its worth. Gold has a density of more than 19 times that of water. This means that it would take more than 19 times the volume of water to weigh the same amount of water as the equivalent of one ounce of gold. This is what gives gold a robust appearance.

Gold is also visually appealing and fascinating. People who buy gold jewellery are particularly drawn to and delighted by color, rather than silver or platinum and frequently prefer to buy and wear gold.

What is Alloy?

The tensile strength and hardness of gold can be increased by alloying it. Tensile resistance is the greatest amount of stretching a metal can take before it breaks.

The term “hardness” refers to a metal’s resistance to scratching and denting when it is used to describe it. Gold’s melting point can be lowered by alloying, which lowers its price. These factors increase gold’s attractiveness by making it easier to deal with for jewelers, enhancing its durability, and making it more accessible to a wider range of purchasers.

Where to sell gold jewellery Melbourne?

If you are looking to sell gold jewellery Melbourne you have the best options by searching in Google. Always find a reputable dealer and secure location to sell your gold jewellery and obtain a fair price. Most people are amazed by how much their unwanted jewellery can be worth when selling.

You might be wondering where you can sell your unwanted jewellery. If you are in a rush for cash, you can visit a local pawnbroker. However, this is not recommended as often they pay a lot less than what you can get for it even as scrap gold. One option to use a pawnbroker is if you want to loan your jewellery to get it back.

Gold Buyers will pay more than pawnbroker usually around 80 – 90% of its value. Gold buyers will be your best bet in getting the highest price for your scrap gold. The only drawback with using gold buyers is usually you have to travel into the CBD and most gold buyers won’t loan against jewellery in the event you want your jewellery back.

What happens when I sell my gold jewellery?

You will be given a price for your gold based on its purity. It’s critical to realize that whichever busines you sell too won’t pay you the Spot Price. What does this mean? The spot price of gold is the price at which it can be traded for the current market value at a given time. Gold dealers pay you less than the market price because they must, of course, make a profit. You may realize that all firms must produce a profit in order to stay in business. They’ll also have to refine the gold jewellery so that it can be reused.